IKEA Bedtime

While most advertisers go to great lengths to avoid running activity in the middle of the night,we purposely did the opposite. We chose to target the quiet, uncluttered period of 10:30PM and 3:30AM, and reach a key prospective segment that we had identified: sleep-deprived consumers. We leveraged Google’s production resources in a new way, combined it with a bespoke campaign set up, to reach the right audience at the right time - ultimately delivering a personalized message and memorable experience.

After our competitors went to sleep, we went to work. We created a series of nighttime-triggered out-of-home and digital messages asking consumers why they were still awake. The result was an always-on campaign of highly individualized messagesintercepting people in their poor night time habits between 10:30PM-3:30AM, and telling them to go to sleep.

We partnered with Google to create personalized videos with dynamic delivery. Our ads called out the exact time of night and content being watched, ensuring totally unique messages customized to each viewer. We targeted all kinds of video categories, like cats, cooking, even both kinds of football, reaching all the late night viewers of Super Bowl and the UEFA Champions League.